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Download CSVs of AKFF observations, indicies, and metadata using the tools below.

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Station ID
Alaska station short ID. One station only.
Fire Management Zone/Area
Fire Weather Zone
Predictive Service Area

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This product is generated twice daily, and contains 50th and 75th percentile forecasts for all stations in each PSA over the next 7 days. The original design of this data product was for automated submission into the Predictive Services PSA forecast system.

50th Percentile
75th Percentile

Station selection parameters are not accepted, this is a static file which you can access from{N}pct.txt where [N] is either 50 or 75 depending on the percentile of PSA stations derived.


A specially formatted data file showing hourly observations formatted for the WIMS system.

RAWS stations will not be returned, regardless of station selection specification. Dates are provided in AKST (local standard time), in keeping with the input requirements.

Requests must be within a single year, but there is no restriction to number of stations requested.

Start Date/Hour
Date/Hour in AKDT/AKST
End Date/Hour
Date/Hour in AKDT/AKST

Select the start and end dates to receive hourly observations and indices for your selected stations.

Start Date/Hour
Date/Hour in AKDT/AKST
End Date/Hour
Date/Hour in AKDT/AKST

Choose start and end dates and forecast characteristics for daily observations and indices.

Start Date
End Date
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